September 28, 2016

Events | Parties – Book Yours Today!

Beyond Golf is the perfect place to host your next event!  Whether it’s a corporate party, birthday party, or anything in between we can accommodate any size group up to 150 people.  Food can be provided in house, but is not required.  Any outside food or catering company is welcomed (see fees below).  A full bar is also available with many different options for event packages.

Options for Golf:

The golf simulators are rented by the hour with many options for types of games.  The two main factors are whether the group would like to play a round of 9 or 18 holes or various “mini games” including closest to pin, long drive, and other contest style games.  If your group would like to play a round of 9 or 18 holes, the pace of play is 1/2 hr per person for 9 holes.  Each simulator will track up to 4 scores when playing a course.  For the “mini games” we simply need to know how long you will want the simulator(s) from start time to finish time.  There is no maximum per person per simulator for the “mini games” but the more people per simulator, the less golf time each person will have.  A typical group playing “mini games” is 5-10 golfers per screen.  No matter which option you choose, the simulators are rented by the hour at the following rates:

# of Simulators Rented Weekday M-Th Weekend Fri-Sun
1 $30/hr $40/hr
2 $60/hr $80/hr
3 $90/hr $120/hr

Options for Food:

  • Option A:  Food is provided by Beyond Golf by customizing your food order from our catering menu.  See our traditional food menu for smaller quantities and more detail:Catering Menu
  • Option B:  Food is brought in using an outside catering company or prepared by you personally.  The fee for this is based on the size of the group:
    # of Guests Duration of Stay Cost ($)
    1-10 2 hrs or less $30
    Over 2 hrs $50
    11-25 2 hrs or less $75
    Over 2 hrs $125
    26-50 2 hrs or less $150
    Over 2 hrs $250
    51+ 2 hrs or less $225
    Over 2 hrs $300

Options For Beverage & Alcohol Sales

  • Option A:  A dollar amount is set and when that dollar amount is reached everyone is responsible for their own drinks.
  • Option B:  Drink tickets can be used to give each guest a certain number of drinks.
  • Option C:  Everyone is responsible for their own drinks the entire time of the event.
  • Option D:  Unlimited Tab is provided to guests and will be paid at the end of the event.

If you are interested in an exclusive rental (facility is closed to the public) please fill out the form below and we will provide you with pricing information.  Exclusive rental pricing is based on previous year’s sales for the given date and times. 

The following beverage packages are available for exclusive rentals:


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